Kathleen Finn Jordan and Aimee Fullman

Aimee Fullman   Shell Shaped Spiral Staircase photograph:

Inspiration Piece

Shell Shaped Spiral Staircase
Kathleen Finn Jordan



Deep wave shell thrown upward to float in foam or throw idea
To steel and step and lodge in artist sun soaked inspiration
To craft and swing, swivel, steep, steps that free and lunge
To heights above
connecting climber and climbed in a dizzying dance
to upward, peak, and heady heights of goal and win and breathless leap
to see and envision all that there is
after the climb,
after the effort,
after the adventure
to resolutely dive as in the oceans depths
and soar with shell and sand and foam
to crested shore of accomplishment


staircase: parenthesis between depth and height
much like us
parenthesis between earth and sky
stretching, breaching the distance
always hopeful
reaching to connect and comprehend.


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