KJ Hannah Greenberg and Jules Rolfe

Jules Rolfe
Inspiration Piece

KJ Hannah Greenberg


Maritime stars,
Maybe, sand dollars,
In concert, spin quickly,
Dance oceanic stirrings, swirl, whisk,
Churn waves, undulate ‘til calmer waters
Lull, successfully, such diverse pulses.
Those sines, cosines vie inside
Fields of tangents,
Diagram aqua’s

Liquid bubbles,
Globules, almost substance,
Corroborate fishy locals, amid
Turtles, squids, also cetaceans’ breathing,
Chasing deep neighborhoods’ gill-bearing fiends around.
Meanwhile, short-snouted swimmers snipe, engulf,
Swallow up their friends.
Seas lack heroes;
Food chains

Passing similarity,
Suggests certain complications,
Carries dreadful sacrificing, defeat,
Washes out self-confidence, dims fidelity,
Negates facts even as wet surfaces renew.
Diverse species breed from troubles,
Ooze sludgy, obscure potentials,
Emerge considered optimisms,
Feed, multiply,

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