Linda M. Rhinehart Neas and Robert James McCoog

Linda M. Rhinehart Neas – Response

Yin and Yang

(Photo – Nikon Coolpix 4300
and photo enhanced with Gimp)

Robert James McCoog – Inspiration


He fell. As he fell he thought. He thought how that was a paradox. He thought how his life was a paradox.

He remembered seeing her in class and asking her out on a date. She was gorgeous and he wasn’t. He figured it couldn’t hurt. He was almost shocked when she said yes. They made plans for going out for coffee the next night.

“Flowers,” he thought as his body sped to the ground and his nose caught the smell of a nearby garden.

They had met at a local bistro downtown. They spent most of the night filling the awkwardness with the fear inspired chat that so often accompanies first dates. However, they seemed to have hit it off quite well as the next thing he knew, he was being invited back to her place for drinks.

“Laughter,” he thought as he heard the sounds of a nearby outdoor bar.
They sat and talked for a while. He told her about the last break up that he had with his psychotic ex-girlfriend. She told him of the last time she broke up with her boyfriend and how it was horrible. He had left her with a five month old child that she eventually had to give up for adoption. He thought about his own mother that he never knew.

Didn’t she have raven hair like hers? Didn’t her laugh sound exactly like hers? He knew this was his chance. He was her son. She was his mother.

She excused herself as she went to slip into something ‘more comfortable’.

“Steel,” he thought as his head connected with the trunk of a passing car.

He decided that this was his chance. Fate had brought him to his mother’s waiting arms. She lay in bed dressed in a negligee. She called him close to him. Like a dutiful son, he crawled into bed next to her. She undid the straps on her clothes as he undid the safety on the gun he carried with him.


Unfortunately, he was not her son as that would have been a coincidence and the universe abhors such a thing. However, her son was in the trunk of the car his head had connected with at impact. The police report later would report that the son was killed due to a drug deal gone wrong.

Somewhere in the world a panda bear laughed.

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