Tora Estep and Adam Cornford

Tora Estep
Oil on canvas

By Adam Cornford

Inspiration piece

The house says ours but with its wide rooms and windows
waving slow tree shadows I don’t seem to know it, the air
dim blue before dawn you’re there dear father somehow
unapproachable, bigger than me as if in your fifties again
solid and strong unspeaking You lead me from the house
along a narrow arroyo over big boulders pale and smooth
down there unlit water rushing the same way we clamber
stream voices pressing their near-words into grey silence
What are they saying why won’t you answer me father
your broad back in pale jacket is turned to me, the boulders
covered with moving black flowers no they’re butterflies
wings patterned intricate black on grey stirring windless
You’re far ahead down this muttering channel of shadows
in colorless light where small wings flutter round my feet

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