Amy Souza and
Amy Ludwig VanDerwater

Amy Souza
Acrylic, collage, and wax oil pastel on canvas

Everynight Everywhere
By Amy Ludwig VanDerwater

Inspiration piece

We share
this pocketwatch moon
hanging from a chain of stars.

We are children of
South America
North America

And we share
this pocketwatch moon
invisibly holding hands
across dirt
and ocean
and language.

We look up to read its face.
We look down to see its smile
reflected in our streams and ponds.

We are children
who will never meet
but still
we share
this pocketwatch moon
this brightness
this hope.

One Comment

  1. Posted November 1, 2010 at 4:32 am | #

    Ah, Amy. You know how I love this playfulness! Thank you again for the opportunity to participate in SPARK and to be linked to your
    bright-moon-love work. A.