Tom Lewis and BR Belletryst

BR Belletryst
Inspiration piece

La nuance qui a siffle ses yeux
By Tom Lewis

The nuance that whistled its eyes
Crossed the bell shade
That night. Time was delayed.
Passions like a bell shaking
In the wind. In that room
The light-dark footbridge
She was moving over
Being there so beautiful.
And she whistled to the moon.
What was sleep to her?
Almost an architecture
Where none of the passions
Was delayed. The bar across
Time was widening.
And the wind, a bar to the time.
She looked out.
She steps on air with her eyes.
A possibility darkening,
All nuance, whistled, and gone.
Her whistled nuance
Looked into for what it lacks
By night wind,
By structured sighs.