Charlotte Rauner and Isabel Levin

Isabel Levin– Multi Personality

Inspiration Piece


Charlotte Rauner

Part 1

Am I red like fire,
cruel did you make me?

Am I blue and sad,
upset did you make me?

Am I an orange sunset,
peaceful did you make me?

Am I green with jealousy,
envious did you make me?

Am I light filled yellow,
shining did you make me?

Am I a pink colored flower,
beauteous did you make me?

Part 2

I have a question for you.
You put space within me.
White space,
plain space.

You split me,
broke my colors,
 trapped me in this box.
Did I own something

that’s absence now disturbs my whole?
Did my creation of hope backfire,
is this white within me my punishment?
You gave me all this color and life,

But now you paint space and emptiness.
I’m curious to know,
did you save me?
Was I just space,

white and plain.
Did you create the color?
I want you to know that,
now I’m split, broken,

and turning around.

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  1. Posted November 2, 2010 at 12:43 am | #

    Wonderful! I remember this painting, but I love the way it integrates with the poem. Keep up the creative work, Izzie!
    Love, MomMom

  2. Posted November 6, 2010 at 10:44 pm | #

    Charlotte– my heart just skipped a beat. This is beautiful. I wish I had gotten to see your writing more over the summer, and I’m so honored you showed this to me. My website is this:
    check it out if you’d like. Excellent work, please keep writing. Love, Auds

  3. Posted November 22, 2010 at 2:56 pm | #

    I am so proud of you Isabel! Keep making art—you have alot to say and hopefully you will rejoin us in the visual arts Upper School programnext year! Looking forward to it…