Helen Whittaker and John Lewis

John Lewis
Inspiration piece
Song: Hiding in the shadows
hiding in the shadows

In the shadows
Helen Whittaker

Beside a tranquil sea where nothing lives
And craters cast their shadows on the dust
A Stay Puft boot print is a sculptor’s mould
That’s waiting for the alloy to be poured.

A woman sits beneath a banyan tree
Her features dappled by the shade it gives
Her palms are open, waiting to receive
The jewel of clarity, however flawed.

Below a rack of handforks, trugs and sieves
Enveloped in the cedar-scented gloom
A box of rockets, Catherine wheels and squibs
Is waiting for the weather to turn cold.

Inside the lightless cavern of these ribs
A lotus bud is waiting to unfold.


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