Adam Cornford and Sukia

Inspiration piece

Questions Concerning Twin Souls
By Adam Cornford

How does the first soul cell divide to form two identical beginnings? Do they grow apart?

Is each soul still one cell or self, or a growing, cooperative multitude of selves? Bone selves, heart selves, blood selves, brain selves?

In what womb are the two souls nurtured, curving around each other? In what finite but unbounded mother-sea of aether?

How are the twins rotated away from each other through the fourth dimension, so each is now mirror to the other?

If one soul is shadow, is the other soul light? Is each one light to the other, or shadow?

Do souls have graceful tentacles or tendrils, with which they swim through the aether?

Do they lack fingers and toes because they never grasp what they touch?

Do they lack eyes because they see with the outspread feathers of their attention?

Do twin souls turn in long slow spirals, like galaxies, as they pass through each other?

What happens when they fall into the soft kaleidoscope of sex?

Within each fragmentary image of each soul, is the whole image of the other hidden?

When one soul leaves the world, does the other linger as its ghost?