Cat Ross and Douglas Pugh

Blade for Blade
Cat Ross, response piece

Douglas Pugh, inspiration piece


it is the fold of walls,
straight-backed, lined in assemblage

there will be mumbled prayers, words
that mean nothing – threaded onto young tongues

and before the bell rings, before the etch
of chalk onto blackboards – that are green

somebody tall and stern will stand at a lectern
tell you news – that isn’t
outline plans – that may not happen
inspire you – with a branded motto, words that don’t reach his eyes, his belief

and all I see
is the fold of walls, glass
cold, imprisoning
while my mind wants to know
what is / really / out there
beyond the fence
of doctrine, correctness and the wire strands
of yesterday’s opinion

but school is no place for a requiem
even when they bury today

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  1. Posted February 26, 2011 at 5:20 pm | #

    I love how this was birthed from the picture, and how the picture draws you in like the poetry…how they intertwine, even after you leave, and come back for more…