Dale Leffler and Russ McIntosh

Russ McIntosh
Digital composition
Inspiration piece

Dale Leffler

I find myself in the void

In the center of the darkest of places
Do I fight my way out or simply surrender?
Is it my view that I bring
or is it really that dark all around?
Just the questioning brings flickers of something.

I look to the ground, it seems bleakly baron
rocks, stones, pebbles, grains of silica
reflecting light at odd angles, tenderly translucent
in their refractions, shadowy images that make their way.
Faintly painted patterns too difficult to discern,
do they form a depiction of some kind?
Revealing clues to consciousness, something of meaning in time?

What would the mystery of this place be to me?
This vast expansive sandy plain
starkly empty, spaces that sparkle, laden with lines,
curving pathways and patterns so lovely,
inviting enough as if to say
please stay,
please stay with me.

Words By: Dale 02/25/11


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