Dana Gray and Michelle Wallace

dana gray

“one orange”


michelle wallace

“survival mode”


Where the heck am I going?
Driving blindfolded, 
It’s hard to stay on the road
Walking zombie, arms outstretched
Snatching anything I feel
Willing this to be IT-
The place where confusion lifts, 
Epiphanies rest
Frustration! Agh!
When, oh, when
Will this fog disperse?
Stand on that mountain-rock
Breathing clean air, 
Vision restored
I’m tired of drudging in circles,
Survival mode-
Let it end; no more!
My foot is firm, my brow is set,
Refusing to take that sedative
This patient will obstinately
Insist on a change

One Comment

  1. Posted February 28, 2011 at 12:51 am | #

    I love your piece! The torn papers and colors are perfect. Thanks for partnering with me in this round!

    🙂 Michelle