Elizabeth Stelling and Marybeth Carshaw

Marybeth Carshaw- Healing Angel

Inspiration Piece

The Last Wish I Made Before Midnight
by Elizabeth Stelling


A latent snow flake began to sparkle on my window sill. March’s rushing winds came against the glass, nudging off the small mound. Then it seeped in through the space between the pane and frame. Floating up and back down into my hand, the warmth of my heart gave the small crystal a life, so it grew into the most beautiful friend I may have experienced so far. Dreams took us both to sleep, she; yes after glistening long blond hair grew, and eyes like the Mediterranean formed, on a breath so sweet and cool. Like my grandmothers best candy mint bark. The one she kept in the glass dish just before you entered the kitchen. She was brilliant at converting sugar and corn syrup into a creamy mixture, pouring it into a pan lined with butter, so when you hit the pan it all broke into pieces. Watching her stir entranced the whole room. Carefully laying out lovely little bit size bits she could melt your heart. When you arrived it was magic to hear her call your name, to feel her arms wrap around you. On any given day; that smile; that look, then something left us wondering if the moment was real. I am still floating in the magic my angel shared last night. The swirls of make believe sprinkled with enchantment give life to old dreams; keep us dancing my friend, as we head to the stove to make our own batch of sweet memory.

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