Gary Hewitt and Cat Ross

Cat Ross

Inspiration piece

Gary Hewitt

Response piece

Journey’s end

I see tone of ethereal bells,
Dangling beneath Jagged Rawkie,
Who sings tune of golden thunder,
I float away on legs electric,
Holding on to captured cloud,
Oblivious I, a strolling spirit.

Song whistled by strolling spirit,
A crooked melody to ethereal bells,
I climb above captured cloud,
And glance at scaly Jagged Rawkie,
I feel life in electric legs,
Yet buzz is silenced by golden thunder.

I stiffen in reverence to golden thunder,
The chest akimbo this strolling spirit,
Above my head electric legs,
Eager to hear ethereal bells,
Alone sits starving Jagged Rawkie,
Floating on a captured cloud.

Hue of yellow enshrines captured cloud,
And protests almighty in golden thunder,
Orange eye stares from Jagged Rawkie,
No longer I; strolling spirit,
For I hear ethereal bells,
Now do fail my legs electric.

Cut  the power to legs electric,
In orbit the captured cloud,
Dancing to a toll of ethereal bells,
I hear not scary golden thunder,
Failing to move is strolling spirit,
And down swoops Jagged Rawkie.

A dragon’s mouth is Jagged Rawkie,
And devours legs electric,
The ice is dying in strolling spirit,
Far away a captured cloud,
Who sings anew in golden thunder,
And tolling are ethereal bells.

Jagged Rawkie soars to captured cloud,
Legs electric dance to golden thunder,
A trolling spirit is devoured by ethereal bells.