Julia Latein-Kimmig and Joanna Lee

Julia Latein-Kimmig


work in progress
Joanna Suzanne Lee

inspiration piece

About this time last spring
a part of me left without notice
to run free with the wild horses,
taking with it the light
from my eyes and
the drumbeat from my soul; taking
heart, skin, heels, hope;
future, present, most of my
reserves and all of my
self respect.
What remained
were doubts dredging up
regrets down through the hollows
of my bones, debts dragging
my haunches from here to sunset and
dignity enough to still draw
breath, hands
that still know how
to carve from scabbed
knees and scratched
marble a
hasn’t quite
been broken.


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  1. Posted February 28, 2011 at 6:56 pm | #

    I can see all the textures of the poem in the image.