Rosella Loeser and Marla Deschenes

Rosella Loeser



Hidden Meanings
By Marla Deschenes


Bend the branch to meet the forgiving soil
To build the place where you will lay your head.
Let Earth slowly creep in to take back the concrete.
Greet the planks, now stripped of nature’s skin,
Cut down to size but still possessing
A tree’s great soul.
Weave a home of soft wind-dried grasses
Twigs netted into emotional designs to keep out winter’s cold.
The most broken bits and shiny baubles
Make this always the home where we hide our thoughts.
They cannot see us by the day.
The sunshine hides us in our camouflaged rounds.
We will become with the lines evenly marking the pavement
And the bird’s nest nestled
In the supermarket’s sign.

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