Russ McIntosh and Dale Leffler

Russ McIntosh
Sisyphean Tableaux
Digital Composition

Still Rockin’
Dale Leffler
Inspiration piece

Where are all the happy old men
the ones that younger men can see?
Laughing about the hard times of middle age
teaching how to handle the current chaos and strife.
What now of their search for adventure that excites the blood
their inner challenges that are still scarier than war?
The conflicts of self-bondage and their journeys towards freedom.
Would they share their secrets of what has driven them?
Could they speak to what dreams they still have,
and if they did, would it sound like this?
I’ve climbed to the mountain’s peak
sat and stayed, took in the view.
There was peace but no fulfillment,
What more was there to do?
I have walked the valley deep
along the river bed of solace
imbibed the many fruited flowers
’till the trail circled back to the wine scented waterfall.
All of this, a folly, a mere destination of desire ,
a legacy of longing that simply separated me from myself.
Now I return to my work on the rock
not because I must but because I choose
to use my body & mind for the self sentenced effort
as an expression of an unfinished province.
My real life Sisyphean tableaux
proceeding, prying , pushing, prodding, bit by bit
this downward weighted earthen boulder
inching to the lake shore, ever closer, ever more.
Words By: Dale
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