Bridget Fahey and Lisa Nielsen

Lisa Nielsen

this is where you’ll find me

inspiration piece:

if the love I am looking for is looking for me,
then why have I been traced by limbs and left with scars?

will that ethereal mass find my throbbing heart
when I am bent back like a boomerang and
tangled in a dusty nest of trees?

if the love I am looking for is looking for me,
then why am I hiding here,
under the forbidden lace of your smoky castoff breath?
mapping out webs of disgrace
hidden in your claustrophobic heart?

as if studying the intricacies of your ways
could elaborate what makes you twist away

but I am tired of choreographing joy
you will find me here until ivy marries
me to this awful tree
and the only sound will be a gasp of release



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  1. Posted June 1, 2011 at 8:50 pm | #

    Wow Lisa and Bridget. The photo is gorgeous and the poem is hauntingly beautiful.

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