Kapulco & Myfanwy Fox

Rain Lances Roiling Darkness
by Kapulco

(Response Piece)

Stormy Skies
by Myfanwy Fox

(Inspiration piece)

Rain lances roiling darkness
dawn cannot penetrate;
sleet scours tiles,
savages crannies,
rattles my foundations.

Trapped, penned,
my imagination –
I Wish …
upon a screen.

Grass swathes dance;
billowing hillside pastures sway,
tossed by vicious gusts;
wind-whipped willows promise
rushes whisper at the spring;
bloated cumuli sag valiantly
dripping life across piercing heights.

I climb.

Arms raised skyward, yearning.
Are you seeking me, too?
fingers stretch to touch …

We might both be reaching
for this heaven
but neither grasping it.

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