Kathleen Finn Jordan
and Amy Souza

Amy Souza
acylic and caran d’ache on paper
Inspiration Piece

By Kathleen Finn Jorda

Bubbles on a summer day running through my mind
Faces of delighted children lollipop wild and kind
Seedlings sprouting, veils of silk in marine and turquoise tones
Art and color, word and form, memory in poems.
Sharp detail as knifelike sword cutting through the mass
Panes of leaf drape cut the waters, sloping form spills past
Edgy thoughts ponder ribbons blue as stonewashed panels frame
An abstract art form dancing wild provoking puzzle in roselike stain.
Pains of birth, emerging spring, mother form and childlike streams
Deep set color brief intense bursting sprouts and present dreams
Swirling in a mass of hues as color creates the cast
Images suggest and hide the future, present, past.