KJ Hannah Greenberg
and Sukia

Inspiration piece

Windfall Fruit
© KJ Hannah Greenberg


Windfall fruit might, just perhaps, disrupt enough leaf circles,

Trounce sufficient baby lizards (otherwise scuttling red-purple),

Bounce my heart, maybe, clear of your blue-green wailing, pull

A wake of autumnal bits, broken icicles, roughen twigs, pebbles,

Beyond all yellow ferns, loamy soil, and lily pads now dried out like skeletons.

Such unexpected good fortune, among roughly plastered buildings,

Social ghouls rolling away golels capable of deterring

Concrete dragons, neon vines, paths worn in hard cement,

Steel cattle herds, rough iron birds, or horrific blobs of amber,

Could work in my favor, fantastic up hope, just this once.

One Comment

  1. Posted October 13, 2011 at 12:08 pm | #

    I like the way the poem takes the dark elements of the image and renders them with humor. Such a textured pairing!