Lisa Kilhefner
and Claire Guyton

Claire Guyton
Inspiration Piece

By Lisa Kilhefner


i’m swimming in the ocean of uproar,

in my own disregard for her,

in my two-sided-ness.

i’m floating along a polished glass floor,

over her harsh words, under,

over refracted light.

she couldn’t leave that small town so she tossed

her maiden name, the litter of her youth.

i met her in the aftermath, a lost

mass with a heartbeat in a parachute.

she mouthed the words, they vibrated between

her tongue and atmospheric light. the gleam

of loneliness was blinding.


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One Comment

  1. Posted May 31, 2011 at 9:32 pm | #

    Lisa, I am stunned and humbled by your poem. I can’t believe my coloring project inspired such beautiful and thoughtful work. Thank you for putting this into the world!