Lizzie Parker and Charisse Cecil

Charisse Cecil
Inspiration piece

From Here, I Can See
By Lizzie Parker
Once upon a time,
My daddy would say
That his little girl put God’s own angels to shame
And my momma would sing
About how I was born a Lady
Just short of a castle and a Lord
While I spent my time parading across fields
With shoulders back and head held high –
Practicing for leaving that land
Because princesses don’t belong  so close to the earth
Missus said that I would do
To sing lullabies before her children’s goodnights
Now from these upstairs rooms
Of a grand house that won’t ever be mine
I’m closer to the heavens
But I just blend into the background
So maybe my daddy was wrong
And I was never prettier than the angels
Just not so high I couldn’t be seen
And after years of running up and down these floors
Chasing these two little masters
I’ve finally figured out that princesses are only black girls
In a land far, far away…
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