Sukia and Lauren Tivey

Inspiration Piece:  Sukia

Response:   Lovemaking at 45, by Lauren Tivey

In a stark bathroom light, you notice

the haggard gaze;  you study lines, pluck

stray hairs, cold-cream dark circles.

You enter your bedroom, drape

the sagging with a quantity of lace,

swathe a full belly in shimmering cloth,

camouflage cellulite, a double chin,

with the soothing friendship of candlelight.

Though you hide everything, instead see:

the soft plumage of your hair, ripened

cleavage, glossed lips.  See your

welcoming face, perfumed body

presented like a feast among the sheets.

Let your lover be lost in you, in comfortable

thighs, a skilled embrace.  Forget your best

side, your scars, your fear, and forgive

your vanity;  there are worse things

than wanting to be desired.

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