Lisa Lipkind Leibow
and Charisse Cecil

Charisse Cecil
Unperceptive Glances

Collage/Acrylic, 8 x 10 inches

New Eyes
By Lisa Lipkind Leibow

Get ready

to see the world through
new eyes. Get ready to shed
senses and notions like a snake slithers from its skin.
Get ready to taste the bitter, the salty, and the sweet.
Not a third eye, but compound eyes – infinite views
of surroundings.

The diverse views bounce around, adjusting
lenses, competing for lead vantage point.
The stubborn might speak their mind and then wait in
the wings for the next turn to talk. These points of view listen.
They pay attention to every voice.
Respect opinions.

Jumbled ideas sail around inside
like long locks whipping in the wind.
To philosopher’s eyes, dawn’s colors present new
questions why and the need to search for meaning.
Artist’s eyes see magenta,
tangerine, and gold hues filling the skies.

Sunset inspires poet’s metaphors
of passionate kisses like fiery daybreak’s
crimson rhapsodies.
Dancer watches the sun climb above
the horizon. She sways hips, swings arms, and leaps.
Interludes for tenor sax and piano play
in the Musician’s mind when she watches the sunrise.

The Journalist reports the facts – the who, what,
when, where, why – giving an accurate account.
Astronomer sees Earth rotate on its axis
and orbit around the star
in the center of a solar system in a vast universe.
Chemist spots hydrogen, helium, oxygen, and more.

Anthropologist considers how members of
ancient cultures regarded dawn. He examines clues from
millennia-old customs
and cultures.
No more jostling of infinite
viewpoints. You’re primed to envision with open heart, mind, and eyes.

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