Bridget Fahey O’Brien and Lisa Nielsen

Inspiration Piece

Lisa Nielsen

i was once as lonely as this

i was once as lonely as this:
dusty bones on a steel table
longing eyes and a misplaced hand
forever caught between a promise and a kiss

my ear’s been to your chest many times,
hopeful and listening
for proof that i am not alone
but all i heard were echoes
and all you did was shrug

i knew it was over when my words became quicksand
and you turned away rather than offer a hand
it was over when you slurred out shortcomings
that had nothing to do with me yet were my fault
it was over a million times over

it wasn’t like this in the beginning,
is what is always said before its done
so i had to stop waiting
because the waiting would have no end

so finally,
i mazed thru the other side like a ninja
over shards of glass you had thrown in my path
like dice in an alley
my years of walking on eggshells had finally come in handy


Bridget Fahey O’Brien

Abandoned Garden

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  1. Posted December 11, 2011 at 7:44 pm | #

    Brava! Beautiful pairing!