MM Panas and JoAnn Moore

“Paradise Lost”
MM Panas
Acrylic, charcoal on canvas


Shadows of Decay
By JoAnn Moore
Inspiration piece


Like recurring mold on the roof’s eave

that creeps houseward,


symptoms of decay are everywhere.

Non-native ivy suffocates


the siding, harbors nests of pumpkin

spiders and makes inroads


against the Lochness blackberries

which need to expel


energy on growing fruit instead

of conquests. The roses


I planted two years ago have

never bloomed; the bedroom


window is still

broken. And just yesterday


I discovered

your lie (the phone number, your lover,


your boss)

and the burden of its shadow:


you won’t be leaving

with me. I’d like to think


it wasn’t a waste of seven years,

that I can put it behind me.


But a shadow can’t

just be dug up, torn out,


exposed and transplanted in

new soil. No


this truth is more

like the bird of paradise I’ve nurtured


despite the lack of heat—

tenuous against the weather


but sure of its footing.



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