Jenny Mathews and Amy Moffitt

Jenny Mathews

5″x&7″ pencil, ink & watercolor on paper


Amy Moffitt

I came to you because I knew you,
because before we met, we met.
I don’t have to “get it”
to intuit.

And I spoke the words I had
because the words themselves
compelled me. I had no other choice,
you see, but to do it.

I sang that song,
and chose that path,
and made that friend,
and walked away,
and chose to stay because
I simply knew it.

I began believing that I must
unlearn my doubt
and claim the trust
in a quiet voice that prompts
but doesn’t prove it.

And even though I’m often wrong,
this sense of self must carry on.
I have to trust my instincts,
or I’ll never make it through.

You know what I have to do.
So let me do it.



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