Lisa Nielsen and Geraldine Ayers

Geraldine Ayers

Holding Onto Fog


Lisa Nielsen

Inspiration Piece

things i should have said

i should have told you that
there is a web of lies masquerading
as veins beneath my skin
and that when i said we had a future
what i really meant was
try holding fog in your hand
that’s our future

you thought i opened up to let you in
but, really, i was morphing into fairy dust
so i could disappear into you

i should have told you there is no such thing as a clean break
because every bone in my body has a hairline fracture that matches yours

i should have told you, this is how i think
instead of twirling on barstools and dancing
the groove like i believe in tomorrows
i should have told you this

One Comment

  1. Posted February 29, 2012 at 4:53 am | #

    Beautiful words.

    The one who knows what is real
    what can’t be promised and will never be held
    and keeps this secret close
    closer than their own life.

    They make the fog.

    Warm and inviting as a zepher
    disguising the dark cold water below
    gently encouraging the wilful to stay by the coast too long
    until suddenly they are lost.

    In your fog.

    And lost without it…………….