Marla Deschenes and Jack Hernandez




Jack Hernandez


By Marla Deschenes

How do words become feelings?
These sounds of self-expression falling from my lips.
How does this cacophony of phrasing make any sense
The burning of my flesh against your naked frame?
How do these letters and symbols
Nothing more than the trained moving of my pen
Convey the meaning
of my heart’s tumultuous leap
Whenever you arrive again safely
At my side once again?

Impossible questions
Intangible answers

Closing doors have greeted me so many times
Painful in the realization
Of a path you cannot ever take.
A turning around
A reshuffled way
How do these doors hold back feelings?
How do these doors refuse to open
Leaving my repaired heart outside
To suffer in the reeling cold?
Nothing left for me to do but
Move forward
As every path taken
Leads to a door
And perhaps the next one

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