Amy Moffitt and John Isaacson

John Isaacson
Inspiration piece

By Amy Moffitt

The wall between us
is thick enough to feel.
When I speak, I see the words
bounce off of it and fly away.

If we had met as children,
would the wall still be there?
Or is it the fears we’ve gained in growing
that instinctively push us apart?

I find myself longing for translation…
the gestures I make that put you off,
your tone of voice that shuts me down
decoded, made clear and laid out.

I want to believe that beneath
our troubling layers
our hearts and desires are the same.
We just need an interpreter
to explain us to each other, and ourselves.


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  1. Posted December 17, 2014 at 5:20 am | #

    “Original Distance” defined. Both artist and poet have gifted us with “What oft was thought — but neer so well expressed.”