Kapulco and Myfanwy Fox

Myfanwy Fox
“Forest Flowers”
Inspiration piece

Universal Undermining
By Kapulco

Deep-beneath two moons,
around an iconic building,
grow alien buttercups.
Each flower, gravitationally-wrenched
toward galactic rock,
as if trying to populate an inert world
with yellow-green botany:
a Genesis Project?

Via zenith-point, above Ewoks’ kirk,
orbits a rock-moon, clad in methane-ice:
chilled, dead, pre-Genesis;
it glints blue, reflecting a cobalt star.

Cloaked behind:
an android moon,
of sterile-intelligent construct,
lies silently preying – Trappist Mantis.

Terrestrially, as buttercups juxtapose trees;
Stormtroopers confront teddy bears.
Whilst deep-above conscience, renegade twins –
each of whom would destroy Rome –
don sheep’s wool against long, cold nights.

Below, populations seek gods’ minds;
above, duoprescent deities of Ice and Hell-Fire
track buttercups to freeze, burn, destroy.

Ice, metal, flesh –
a cosmic rock, paper, scissors –
is eternally played.

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