Vicki VanArsdale and Beverly Hilbert

Artist: Beverly Hilbert

Inspiration Piece

Winter Song
By Vicki VanArsdale

Children raised
Husband, gone
house  cleaned
chores, done

Beautiful memories
of a life well lived
But what about me,
where do I fit?

With misty eyes
and salted lips
I search for the swagger
of my hips

To the sound of the gulls
I move along
Staccato, Legato
a beautiful song

I dance with the waves
as they gently kiss shore
like a long lost lover
leave me yearning for more

Crescendo, diminuendo
footprints in the sand
one step closer
to finding me again


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  1. Posted June 6, 2012 at 7:14 pm | #

    So happy to see your work here, Beverly. Love the piece. kj