Ana Goncalves and Jewel Beth Davis

Ana Goncalves

God in One



The High and Mighty

By Jewel Beth Davis

Inspiration piece


The throne room was filled with angels, A-List biblical stars and cherubim. It looked more like a Cecile B. Demille movie set than Adonai’s heavenly quarters. Heavy robes of orange, gold, and red silk, and wool flapped as the great religious prophets and kings and queens moved unceasingly throughout the space, talking to one, then another of their fellow celebrities of the Tanach, the Five Books of Moses. A great hubbub had arisen into the far corners of the Holy Space.

A little cherub with fleshy cheeks, long side curls and no chin named Shmuel, AKA Shmulie, made the discovery. It had hidden itself behind the royal curtains, hoping to get a glimpse of the Unnamable and His two Body-Angels. For two days, the cherub hid, waiting for someone, anyone. No dice. Nada. Three days, then four, just hopin’ and prayin’. Bupkis. Finally, Shmulie went back into the General Population, bewildered and sniffling. God was nowhere to be found.

A great keening rose up from the multitudes. Where was their beloved Creator? Creating was what God did. Who would Create if God wouldn’t? Why had She abandoned them? Adonai, Adonai, they cried, do not abandon me in my time of need.
God stood behind a shimmering vale of tears and sighs and watched the


When isn’t it your time of need? God thought.

He felt no connection to these beings and no compassion for their grief. He noticed he didn’t feel much of anything anymore and that was a great relief. He was leaving. That was true. He was leaving for one reason only. To get more scratch tickets and to find His Angels and ream them out. He was tired of waiting. He was going to take action despite how tired He felt. His limbs and head felt like a hundred pounds each but the desire to gamble was strong to the point of unending hunger and thirst. He was hungry but not for food. If He could only have his Scratch tickets.  Or even just one Quick-Pick Tri-State Lottery ticket, He’d feel better. Much better. That’s it. He just needed one.

“Oh, I’ll be doing a Finding,” the Great One said. “I’ll be Finding my scratch tickets and my angels.”

With that in mind, Adonai transported to New York City and boarded a bus for Long Island.


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