Brenda Moguez and Brian MacDonald

Inspiration Piece by Brian MacDonald


Sweetest Dreams


Brenda Moguez

Tell me a story of magical mice, princesses
a fairy, a wand, a castle in a land far away
with a kind king, a grizzly bear, a witch, a
book of spells and a girl with magic in her heart.

She can fly and speak Spanish, bake heart
shaped cookies–filled with bittersweet chocolate
and chopped walnuts–the breadth of a saucer,
perfect for dunking into ice cold two percent milk.

Have her sing lullabies and love songs only a
prince would know to sing for his maiden with
raven locks he finds walking alone in the forest
along the river carrying a basket of berries and wild violets.

Bed time now, close your eyes and fly away on the wings
of white doves as they sing their song under the blaze of
stars and a full moon, with only owls and wolves to
share the quiet under the blanket of a darkened sky.

Sleep little one, sleep until the sun is high in the sky
until the evening cold is burned away by the red, gold,
and amber rays of the mid-morning sun; sleep little one
until your dreams are finished, until the morning is clear.

In your dreams, you will meet magical mice, a fairy with
her wand in the castle guarded by a bear and a witch,
watching for the Prince and his fair maiden riding the grey
mare followed by the girl with a magical voice and a book of spells.