Fiona Avocado
and Marla Deschenes

Fiona Avocado
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Marla Deschenes
Inspiration Piece

But who else will cry for the geese
That the truck ran over in its haste
To get to wherever it is that trucks go?
Who else will care that a goose’s life
Was laid down for our selfish need
To have name brand items at discount prices
While never even thinking of the lives
Effected buy our greed and selfishness?
Not even those that fill our skies
And scurry through our forests
Cut in half
By winding paths of concrete.
We invade this space
We destroy this air
We wipe out species
And we laugh at the bodies in our rear view.

A silent prayer in my head for the geese
And for every other creature killed
By the need to get there faster
Too fast for the meddling business
Of the queen goddess herself, Mother Nature.

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