Jane Hulstrunk and Nikolas Lotze

Jane Hulstrunk



Nikolas Lotze


Old Man’s Refuse


In this picture,

an old man; his demeanor frail and outlook grim.

His journeys stored in lines etched across his face, cracks that disappear in the folds or clefts left by time in his skin. Wanting to sever the threads to his wasted past and to the memories that bring him nothing, his children speak of a past unbridled, beautiful, full of colours eyes naturally seek, but shadows fall on their futile ways. His eyes see everyone as a stranger, an equally shared gaze listed as distant, broken, sickly pale and alone. Sitting gathered beneath the realization that at this end of our lives,

days can be numbered until our ascension to wherever it is you’ll call your next home. Until then, he will bide his time, thinking of his end as another obituary in the news; waiting for the sound of all clear to leave behind the only signs of life in this picture. an old Polaroid depicting golden days in the years gone by,

crumpled and tinged with yellow, strewn across like his room in piles of refuse.