Liz Mathews and
Linda M. Rhinehart Neas

Liz Mathews

By Linda M. Rhinehart Neas
Inspiration piece

The roll of waves over the rocks created the sound of applause.  A silent figure stood like a lone actor, slighting bending in acknowledgement to the unseen audience. His entire life had led to this day.  After years of preparation, he was ready.

“Life’s a stage,” the Bard wrote. The actor smiled, seemingly aware that this performance was the ultimate evidence of that statement.  Shaking out the gremlins that haunted every actor just before stepping on stage, he pulled his entire being to center.  This would be his finest portrayal.  With confidence, he completed the little rituals of those who find themselves out of the chorus line and in the spotlight.

He removed each shoe, slowly.  Above the tide line, placed one beside the other, they sat – monuments to this moment.  At the water’s edge, three measured breaths carried the scent of pine, salt and a hint of something he could not quite capture to his lungs.  The time had come! The swell of the tide, like a curtain rising, called him to his mark.

Without hesitation, the actor stepped willingly into the finale.

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