Marcela Horness and Nicholas Clark

Marcela Horness

Acrylic on canvas

By Nicholas Clark
Inspiration piece

You are a milky haze of stars…

… old, weathered bike chain
a familiar slowing, gears grinding,
choking on decayed teeth
resisting movement, rebelling against momentum
wallowing, waiting minutes,
months, and milliseconds
in a rain-soaked race to role play and rust
…..I’m waiting for you to snap
and writhe about wildly,
lacerating my tensed calf,
an ellipses ending with an exclamation point
a hot, white, concentrated circle of light
emanating from a cheap desk lamp,
…..your intense fluorescence
dripping from printing presses,
viscous under steaming shop lights
…..You will be cast onto all four walls in
high contrast film reels,
…..a flame cutting through the dark
a crisp, white moon
…..puncturing the black.


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