Loring Resler and Robin Peace

Loring Resler

By Robin Peace
Inspiration piece

In the cold fathoms of my soul
I know what’s right
But I run and hide
For fear the pain will encompass me

In a glass house I might be safe
I can watch without being involved
I can laugh without feeling someone incriminating me
I can cry without being told how weak I am
In the hot boiling passages of my blood
I feel the rage building
But I smile and lie
For fear that I will throw a hammer at my house
Just to hear the glass break

In a padded room I might be safe
I can hit without causing pain
I can scratch without causing a bloody rain
I can lean on it and it will not give way
In the soft pumping depths of my heart
I want to do what’s right
I stand tall and proud
For I know that the wind cannot break me

In a large open house I can thrive
I can reach out to touch a soft petal flower
I can sing and let my voice flow through the air
I can hold you…

But my life is not so easy
I’ll take the easier way
Unless there is a brave, strong person
That has no fear of entering in.
January 1992/August 1998

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    Poem by Robin Peace; Art Response by Loring Resler