Sandy Coleman and Marla Deschenes


Sandy Coleman
Inspiration Piece



by Marla Deschenes

There were days when we danced for the sun

There were days we danced for the moon

When our differences were what made us the same

Bound together by the heartbeat of the earth

The secrets of all women kept within our breasts

We danced to praise the goddesses for our blessed lives and knowledge.


Our bodies remember our arms in the air

The movement of our sisters when we were all women strong

When we used what the earth gave us to heal the sick

And to bring forth life from our wombs

When others revered us and clamored for our touch

We danced to praise the goddesses for our eternal gifts of life.


It wasn’t the sun that burned our sisters alive

It wasn’t the moon that betrayed them.

It was the fear of other gods and the oneness with the earth

The cowering of the weaker men, the ones wielding power in a book

With a god no one understood or wanted in their homes

The dancing became too soon obscured by the forests and lit only by moonlight.


The ash from their missing bodies rose in spirals

The air twisting the bones of dust into arms lifting up

The smoke filling in for flesh and bones in the gentle wind

The screams long reverberated from disintegrating trees

And the ghosts of the women lifted once more to dance for the sun

The moon the place of happenstance

For witches and for ghosts.


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