Tony Joyce and Steve Safaty

Steve Safaty
Inspiration piece

Tony Joyce

Waiting . . .

The time is here,
And the time is now
For you to come to me
Ready for your setting son
To be gowned in silks
And dressed in all
That has been before

Make your journey now
I know you are close
I know you want to take me
But in your cold heart there
Are those that have known me
That never heard me speak

Your beginning will unleash it all
To flow over me
To mark the time for
You to lay with me
To cleanse me for the end
Which you know is here

Do you know where I am?
Do you know, I think of you
Do you know, I know
I am seeping into you
To absorb, combine, replenish and imbibe.
Don’t be late,
I am leaving soon.