Tyson West and Rusty Lynn

Rusty Lynn

Inspiration Piece


Tyson West

Inspiration Piece


The naked Sculptress
Uses your hands to gather
Trash for her collage
Infects your syght to secret
Her touch and tone in your pryde


Seem as we did
When we tried happy
Lassoing geometries around each other
My angular adventuring boxed in your sinuous lines
Oh, we shaded smokey sunsets to fragile magentas
Amid the talk radio rational of a world banking into the final whimper
Of its carnival ride
We shook off the great wooden trestled trail of screams curving into
The ceaseless deliberations of clairvoyants in proud silicone towers
That twelve twelve twelve is twice six six six
And a mulatto emperor has got to count for something.

So my Sweetie, with your dominant eye and fine filed face
We schlepped our affections up the graph of easy credit and liar loans
Not realizing all along our dream home mortgage amortized sub prime
As long as we fight foreclosure
Our love has not been written off.
Let us swirl into the dirty whirlpool of up side downers
Drifting in their slithering currents
Full of organisms that eat to kill
As angry eyes sketch straight sight
And unparallel waves compress molecules of oxygen find a direct path
Remember that the submissive always controls
Dominance cannot dream without the lullaby of pain.


Save for the doodles of apes wearing clothes
Our Mother’s nature sketches no straight line
The fitful order in her drawing shows
Save for the jottings of apes in fine clothes
On thin red lines where their true fiber flows
A tigress stalks in curves to break the spine
Save for the comfort of apes crafting clothes
Her truer vision tortures no straight line.
September, 2012

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