Elizabeth Akin Stelling
and Yebyul Oh










Yebyul Oh
Inspiration piece

Everything Is Beautiful To A Little Girl
By Elizabeth Akin Stelling

Young eyes scan the unfamiliar room
moving over black upon black
toward curve of the shoulder
as consoling follows shadows into space
with a rush of cold tingling up the neck

where pink and colorful oblong shapes
are questioned with seconds gong by
in looking for party craft
not in wisdom of trees walking the earth
without ever moving a shoeless foot
yet they reach and stretch outward

by a window whose sun light shapes
shroud aging hips and bosom
sheer fabric of the gods left unattended
falling in straight lines
mistaken for invisible fairy magic

where women spew roses over pain
now lilies fill the belly of a beast
and there is small warmth in cold statuesque stares
maidens fingers thread bees onto fabric
made from petals and swallows song
a girls wild honey

secret are her yarns
not from lips dusted in sun downs
nor melting hugs and whispers
but from Rembrandts spreading across bedroom walls
the sun flower rising sky blue edging
topped with clumps of white clouds
all consuming at birth

soft berber weaves cushion
guiding two small feet
to where grandmother lays patiently
in white zig zag stitched horizons
where hundreds of hands will have their final touch
suffocating the body in tears for what wasn’t said

this child’s first steps toward the past
a woman’s hard earned legacy bleeds passion
into pink patent leather