Briana Banks and Genevieve Ellis

Briana Banks,
These Hands


These Hands Have Known No Violence
By Genevieve Ellis

Inspiration Piece

These hands have known no violence, but yet these ears are deceived by it,
These eyes blinded by it and this voice tainted by it.
In a world where reaching for a gun is almost a natural instinct,
Because people are scared of the spoken word.
Words are used to poison the mind with falsities of reality.
Students have fallen captive to the tongue twisting lies that bind them to things they don’t believe in.
Consuming the unspoken word before they are thought up.
If freedom of speech is our first right, then why are so many afraid to speak.
Why would you seek a 5 finger marry, before you will speak.
Because today throwing a punch means you’re bros the next day.
But a spoken word to defend yourself gets you looked at as a rebel.
If words are heavy I will carry that burden with a smile because these hands will never know violence.



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