Irene Plax and Linda Neas

Reflections of Peace

Linda Neas

Inspiration Piece


Nice Ink

Irene Plax



“Nice ink.”

“Thanks, it’s the Libra sign.”

“Yeah, I know. My brother’s birthday was September 30th. He was a Libra.”

“Did he have any tattoos?”

“Nah, not his thing. He was really into art, though. How come you got it done?”

“I was sitting by this pond this fall, around when I turned 18, and just thinking about the tattoo I wanted to get. Then I saw the reflection in the water of the Libra sign, and I knew that was like, what I had to get.”

“Cool. It was a sign.”

“Yeah, totally. Do you have any of his artwork?”

“Yeah. A lot.”



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