Jean Stark and Marla Deschenes

Jean Frank Stark


By Marla Deschenes

Inspiration piece

820 miles wide and full of fury

We trick ourselves into thinking we are so large

We think

these homes can stand up to Mother Nature

We think

that she won’t pummel us into submission

We think

which is so often the problem

So often the problem.


Gusts throwing rain against the windows

We bravely stash away any projectile lawn furniture

We lock

the screen doors against the wind’s slamming fingers

We lock

the shed holding remnants of summer’s parties

We lock

our hearts to the earth’s beat

The earth’s pulsing beat.


She pressed against the beach and the shore gave way

We froze in fear watching the tragic dance

We ran

for shelter from our beaten homes

We ran

clutching small mementos to our chests

We ran

bent against the wind like the bowing trees

The always thankless trees.


The hurricane was the worst that had been seen

As Mother Nature inflicted her centuries old reminder

Her anger

our shame at her burning lands and dirtied waters

Her spite

our indignant stance of assumed immortality

Her laughter

tearing apart all that we held close

Tearing apart our souls.


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  1. Posted December 9, 2012 at 6:28 pm | #

    The way the words and the image work together brings back the whole storm. Lovely and chilling.