Kate Johnson and Caroline Evey

Kate Johnson



untitled poem #5

if, in fact, life was about:

being irrational..

or making choices based on emotion..

i would be with you.

you dont fit in to this small minded place

and i think i’m the only one who sees it.

but, then again,

you were the only one who seemed to see me.

and maybe now,

after all of everything we’ve been through,

you see me for what i really am.

or maybe i’m just afraid what i’ve shown you

is what i have become.

you told me once i would find my inspiration..

if i would just stop looking, it would come back.

and i dont know why i couldn’t tell you

what you needed to hear when you laid yourself down

right next to me..

but you have always been my inspiration.

and i have always been the screw up.

Caroline Evey

Inspiration Piece


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