Tora Estep and Marla Deschenes

Tora Estep

(Inspiration Piece)



By Marla Deschenes

(Response Piece)

Turn the color wheel to the color that suits this mood

This painted wheel that dictates how I paint this canvas

Called life.

The reds of my passion

The blues of my sorrow

The twisted colors that bleed into one another, my life, so


So twisted

So saved only by the mesh of purple

That mix where the passion and the sorrow meets

Where I wear my heart on my sleeve

Where the person who ultimately gets hurt is me

But I take it

Time and time again

Spinning on that color wheel

Coming to rest on the places where my heart will bleed

And then stop

And then start again

And watch the colors blur

As they always do

When I take another chance on opening my heart.


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  1. Posted December 28, 2012 at 9:14 pm | #

    Great poetic direction from a fascinating and fun image!