Tora Estep and Marla Deschenes

Tora Estep

“Amma,” oil on canvas, 20×20




Marla Deschenes

Inspiration piece

Walking through the house with crumpled paper towels in hand
I know so much more about you even though now you are gone
About seemingly endless patience with us children and sewing countless pairs of socks
About rinsing off meat and putting it back on the plate.
About the necessary lies, and the other ones.

It was never about anything other than a grandma’s love
And the willingness to put all of our flaws aside
To see us for who we were no matter what we tried to get away with
To see through the changing phases to the center of our being
To make everything all better with butter and crackers and cheese.

I miss you every moment that I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror
I see your face in mine and the faces of my brother’s children
I know now what you gave up in order to help raise us and watch us grow
I know how to be selfless and put everyone else first.
I know what it means to be loved, and how to make someone seem perfect
As we always were
To you.


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  1. Posted December 28, 2012 at 9:13 pm | #

    Beautiful tribute piece Marla! And the image is lovely!